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MLWF Registration and Support

MLWF Registration and Support

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953 provides for the constitution of a fund for the financing of activities to promote welfare of labour in the state of Maharashtra for conducting such activities to prevent exploitation of labor, provide them with welfare programs  and to provide welfare services to the families of the workmen. The Act is applicable to factories & establishment covered under shop & establishment act employing 5 or more employees.

1. Registration under MLWF Act

2. Preparing and submitting Half yearly Returns

3. Collection & Deposition of MLWF Dues

4. Updation of Rates as per existing in different states

5. Replying  to Show Cause Notices  & Demand Notices issued under MLWF Act

6. Preparation & Maintenance of various Registers like Register of Wages, Register of Unclaimed Wages, Register         of Fines etc.;

7. Assistance at the time of inspections and enquiries conducted by the Inspector.


Benefits of Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund:

The welfare activities of the Board for the workers and worker's families who are subsidizing the labour welfare fund under the Maharashtra Welfare Fund Act 1953.

Shishu Mandir: 

Shishu Mandir is one of the important activities of the Mandal. Everyday children are provided with healthy diet, free uniforms. During the month of September and December, the pediatric specialist conducts a valid examination of the child. Children’s educational trips are organized in the natural places.

Sewing / crafts class:

Sewing and handicrafts classes are conducted for the working family women in the center. Government sewing classes have also been started in some places. Entry into this category is paid by paying a nominal admission fee. The seminar is provided on the principle of grant on behalf of the Board of the women of the family to appear in the examination.

Fashion Designing / Aesthetics Training:

At present, the Board is organizing aesthetic and fashion designing (basic) training for women to start their own boutique in view of the need of the hour. Training camps are organized at all levels at the group level.

Library / Reading Room:

The library and reading rooms are operated in every center of the state as per the availability of the library and space available to the working families to make them interested in reading and also to know about the various events happening around the world and their daily activities.

Study room:

In today's stressful life, it is difficult for student to be peaceful environment for the students to study. Therefore, on behalf of the Board, study rooms are operational in the Kamgar Kalyan Bhawan and Lalit Kala Bhawan where students could get a peaceful environment to study.


Computer training:
The board started Computer training classes on the basis of availability of space at the Kamgar Kalyan Bhawan and Lalit Kala Bhawan and Workers Welfare Center for the workers and the working families at a nominal cost. This training class offers courses on computer programming, database management system, tele, DTP, internet, coral draw, Photoshop, MS-CIT and various other subjects.


On behalf of the Board, a health center (gymnasium) has been started at the Kamgar Kalyan Bhavan / Lalit Kala Bhavan and some of the major workers welfare centers. Admission is paid by paying a nominal entry fee. Coaches are appointed on behalf of the Board in the gym.

Yoga classes:

Yoga is evolving as an important system of today's lifestyle. Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board conducts yoga classes with the help of experienced teachers and experienced organizations in the nearby area. 

Karate class:

The karate training classes have been started by charging nominal admission fees on behalf of the board so that the art of self-defense can be provided to the workers.

Music class:

In order to further develop the latent artistic qualities of the musicians and their families, the Board has started the music classes with the aim of getting guidance in this area. Members of this classes are guided by expert trainers through Surpeti, Tabla-Dagga and similar instruments.

Employment, self-employed and entrepreneurship training:
Every year the "employment related training camps" are organized for the workers and their families by the Department and Circle offices. Expert from District Industry Center, Industrial Training Center etc. are invited to guide the participants in these camps. In the context detailed information is provided to the students regarding various industries related and small and cottage industries, related guidelines. In these camps training related to beauty parlor, mehendi classes, Rangoli classes, photography & videography shooting, screen printing, paper and cloth bag making, zari work, laundry, fashion designing, embroidery, floral decoration are provided.

Competition Exam Guidance Lecture:
Competition examination guidance lectures are organized on behalf of the Board for the students who are interested in appearing of the civil services exams.

Felicitation for the parents / guardians of the top performing workers:
Felicitation and Award for the best quality of secondary and higher secondary (10/12th) examination is organized at all departmental levels in Maharashtra every year. In this, a special scholarship of Rs. 5000/- is given to the workers families.

Revival classes for middle school students:
In order to facilitate the examination of the students of the working class in the secondary schools and to get proper guidance in the examination, the Board conducts revival classes during the period of January to March, in collaboration with the expert teachers for the examination students in thesecondary schools at the 18 circle offices in Maharashtra.

Personality Development Classes:
At the Circle Offices, personality development training is provided with the professional guides and experts for the students.

Career Guidance Classes:

At the Center level Career Guidance classes are organized to guide the children of workers to take up job-oriented courses of their liking.

English and foreign language conversation / writing training:

The Board has initiated this program to provide workers and working families with the knowledge they need to write and communicate is foreign languages. This category offers training in English, French, Japanese, German, Russian Chinese. The duration of this training is three to six months. Foreign language communication and writing training is being provided to the students through expert in relevant fields at a nominal cost. Special attention is also being paid to personality development. These class has been started at the19 Circle Offices across the state.

Driver Training:

Four-wheeler driving training is provided for employment opportunities to the workers of the low-income groups, whose annual income is in the range of  one lakh eighty thousand. For this, a nominal Rs. 500/- training fee is charged. The training is conducted with the help of a renowned organization, Maruti Suzuki. Training period is 21 days. After completing the training, the trainee is given a drivers license. Academic eligibility should be at least Std. 8th to 12th. These classes have been started in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad, Baramati, Kolhapur, Solapur, Nagpur, Nashik, Jalgaon, Amravati, Pune and other important cities.

Job oriented training:

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is providing free training to the workers in order to provide them employment opportunities. Training includes English conversation, interview skills, personality development and computer knowledge. Training period is 20 to 25 days. Upon completion of the training, the students are provided a job of monthly income of Rs.12,000/- to Rs. 15,000/- Worker’s dependent in the last year of graduation or graduate or equivalent qualifying workers can avail this training.

Kamgar Urban Drama Festival:

Continuing since 1953, this labour theater has given recognition to many theatrical artists as a platform / art band. At the seven divisional levels of the board, the first and second prizes is being awarded in the primary labour drama festival are selected for the final state level labour drama competition. The tournament features the best team awards as well as individual awards. The presentation of the cost to the theater teams, the minimum cost of travel, the basic equipment required for the play is provided by the Board.

Industrial and commercial workers drama festival:

The Board has decided to hold a separate theater competition for industrial and commercial workers from the year 2006. In this state-level competition, a drama organization of industries and establishments under the Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953, participates in this competition.

Women's Drama Festival:

To achieve the potential of the dormant arts among women and to develop their masterpieces, the Board organizes a women drama festival at 18 Circle levels in the state.

Balnatya Festival:

To find the potential of the children and provide the platform available at the appropriate time by looking at their skills.
The Bal natya festival is organized at the Circle level on behalf of the board.

Open concert / splash competition:

This competition is organized with the intention of keeping the memory of the revolution day of August 9th. In the second fortnight of the month of July, the primary competition is held at 18 Circle offices and the state level competition is held on the 9th of August. 

State level labour Bhajan training camp:

Workers Bhajan training camps are organized every year on behalf of the Board in order to inform the workers and the workers families about the various types of hymns, as well as a proper understanding of the art of singing, music and how to make the hymns more popular among the messes.

State level Bhajan competition:

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Father of our nation,“Mahatma Gandhi” "Primary Labour Bhajan Competition” is organized in two sections, for men and women which is held annually in the month of October at the level of the 18 Circle offices of the Board in the State. The first prize winner of this competition participates in"State Level Contest", which held on two days, i.e. January 29 and 30, 

Folk dance:

A folk-dance competition is organized every year at the level of 18 Circle offices of the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board, to inform the new generation about Indian folk art, to get an understanding of the various traditional dances together and to achieve the national unity through the competition. The state level tournament is organized for those teams who came first in the primary competition.

Labour Literacy Meet:

Labour Literary Meeting was started by the Board since 1992 as an important platform for the budding labour writers / poets / literary and general public working for the artistic profession. The first labour literary convention was held in Pune under the chairmanship of Kabivarya Padma Shri Narayan Surve. Literature seminars include programs like Sahitya Dindi, Literature Exhibitions, Seminars of Honorable Speakers on various promotional topics, Storytelling, Poets Meeting of Invitations, Poets Meeting of budding workers poets etc. are also held.

Labour Literature Writing Contest:

This competition is organized by the Board to showcase the literary skills of the workers. These include story (Hari Narayan Apte Award), Kavita (Narayan Surve Award), Kadambari (Annabhau Sathe Award), Conceptual Writing (Lokhitvadi Award), Drama (Mama Barekar Award), Ekankika (G. Tri Madakholkar Award). Is taken. The winning contestants are honored at the Labour Literature Summit.

Poets Meeting:

A poet meeting is organized at the Circle level with the aim of promoting the literary arts of the workers. In the same way, a forum is organized through the poets meeting of the celebrated poets and are invited in the poets conferences.


General Scholarship:

Objective : The scheme benefits the students of the working family from class 10th to Undergraduate  degree, the post-graduate workforce. In the previous exam, at least 60 or more marks should be obtained.

The nature of scholarship


Class 10th to 12th

Rs. 2,000/-


Class 13th to 15th

Rs. 2,500/-


Master’s degree

Rs. 3,000/-


Technical / Medical / Engineering after 10th

Rs. 2,500/-


Degree Course Technical / Medical / Engineering after 12th

 Rs. 5,000/-


Sports Scholarships:
Purpose and format: It is planned to give scholarship to the workers or family members of the family if they gain proficiency in state level, national and international level sports.

Scholarship format:

At the State Level

At the National Level


First: Rs. 5,000/-

First: Rs. 7,000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Second: Rs. 3,000/-

Second: Rs. 5,000/-


Third: Rs. 2,000/-

Third:  Rs. 3,000/-


Foreign Higher Education Scholarships:

Objectives and Patterns: Students of the Worker family are given scholarships if they meet the compliance by scoring  at least 60 or more marks in the annual examination for post-graduate education abroad. The benefit of this scheme is given once.

Format of Scholarship: Rs. 50,000/ -

Textbook finance:

Objectives and formats:

Students in the labour's family who has been awarded the degree, post-graduate degree as well as medical, engineering, ITI etc is provided with 50% money for the course textbook purchase as a subsidy. The annual income of the working family shall be below Rs. 5,00,000/- to take benefit of this scheme

Benefit format:

Financial assistance is given upto Rs. 2,500/ - for students of 10th / 12th Diploma (Diploma / Degree), technical, medical education and Rs.1,500/ - for other classes.

MS-CIT incentive grants:

Objectives and nature: Considering the applicability / imperative of MS-CIT Examination of the Government of Maharashtra, MS-CIT Examination is financed by the scheme for the workers / workers who pass with 60% marks or more marks (boy, girl, wife).

Benefit format:

MS-CIT provides 50% of the amount paid to the beneficiary under the scheme. 100% subsidy is given to the disabled persons.

Partial support for students who have passed the competitive exam

Under the scheme, the families of the working family members who passed the first phase of the MPSC Competitive Exam (Pre-Examination) are financed under this scheme.

Types of addiction: Rs. 5,000/-

Under the scheme, the family members of the labours who pass the first phase of the UPSC Competitive Exam (Pre-Examination) are financed under this scheme.

Benefits Format: Rs. 8,000/-

Government Library Certificate Training Class
Government-run "Library Certificate Training Classes" are held annually at Mumbai, Thane, Chiplun, Pune, Nashik, Solapur, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, etc. for children of workers and workers family the venue.

Incurable disease treatment assistance:
Objectives and forms: Financial assistance is provided to the worker or his families, wife, son, daughter, parents for the treatment of chronic illnesses like kidney, cancer, heart disease, AIDS, tuberculosis and through drug treatment.

Benefit format:

Sr. No.

Patient costs

Financial support


From Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000/-



From Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 50,000/-



From Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 75,000/-



From Rs. 75,001 to Rs. 1,00,000/-



Above Rs. 1,00,000


Financial Assistance for Accidentally Handicapped Workers:

Objectives: The scheme plans to provide assistance to workers who are unable to do any work for livelihood due to disability or if any part of their body is found to be disabled by accident or when travelling from house to company.

Format of benefit: Up to Rs. 10,000 / - is provided by the Board.

Finance for families of Suicidal workers:

Purpose and nature: The wife of a suicidal worker is financed by this scheme due to financial constraints due to closure of factories / mills.
Nature of Benefit: Under this scheme up to Rs 1 lakh aid is provided to the working families.

State level and open Kabbadi competition for women and industrial workers:

The board organizes, the state-level Kabbadi competition for industrial and factory workers which has been organized every year since 1994 and the open kabaddi competition for women is also organized every year since the year 2000. The participants have to meet the criteria fixed by the board i.e. they should be an industrial or a factory worker who is contributing to the labour welfare fund.   This condition has been relaxed for women.

Kamgar Kesari and Kumar Kesari Wrestling competitions:

The board organizes, a separate State Level wrestling tournament  for industrial and commercial workers named as Kamgar Kesari and Kumar Kesari. Entry of the contestants is accepted through the establishment. Workers and Kumar Kesari winners are given a silver prize, a heart belt and a testimonial along with a cash prize. Besides the Kamgar Kesari, Kumar Kesari competition, the competition is organized in five weight categories. Contestants are provided with minimum travel costs and daily allowance.

Gunwant Kamgar Award:

The Board has awarded the Best performing workers Award to the workers from the year 1978-79 for their special contribution in the fields of literature, social, educational, sports, etc. Workers who have served at least 5 year of service in the company can apply for this award. According to the terms and conditions of the application received and the quality of the interview, 51 applicants are selected for the best performing workers.

Award format: Rs. 15,000/-, memento and certificate 

Kamgar Bhushan Award:
The board has been providing Bhushan Award from year 2000 to the workers who have contributed in the fields of Literature, Social, Educational, Sports, etc. for the next ten years after receiving the Gunwant Kamgar Award.

Award format: Rs. 25,000/-, memento and certificate 

RavBahadur Narayan Megheji Lokhande Kamgar Mitra Award:

If due to some reasons if a dedicated person / organization fail to apply for such award, then the awarding body and person are selected on the basis of the information received from his office by the representatives of various levels of society, industry organizations, labour unions. 

Format of award: Rs. 51,000/ - (person), Rs. 51,000/- (Organization), memento and certificate.